Index of names of VOC ships mentioned in the letters of admiral Steven van der Haghen between 1614 and 1620".

bold = number of the letter in the table with all letters available on this website: ex. 1059 = ara 1059, followed by the folio (ex. f298v)
or page number (ex.p119) for the (few) sections copied from the transcription by Tiele

For more information:
* about (these) VOC-ships and their voyages one should consult the Dutch-Asian Shipping in the 17th and 18th centuries database.
* about the wrecks of VOC ships.

Aeolus, Eolus (note 1) (yacht) 1059 p119 p120 f298v 1064 f199r
Amsterdam* 1056b f175r 1058 f68r f69r 1064 f198r f199v
Banda (note 2) 1057 f42r 1059 f296r
Bantam (note 3) 1057 f42r
Delft ** 1056 f189v
Der Goes (yacht) 1059 p126
Der Veer 1059 f296v
Dolfijn (yacht) 1061 f113r
Eendracht 1064 f196v f197r f198r 1066 f358r 1067 f178r
Engel van Delft ** 1059 f296v
Enkhuizen 1058 f68r
Goede Fortuin 1070 f146r
Groene Leeuw (yacht) 1058 f70v 1059 f296v p127 1063 f54r 1067 f247r 1067/8 f250v
Gouden Leeuw (note 4) 1070 f146r f146v
Het Hert (yacht) 1057 f42r f42v
Hollandia (note 5) 1056b f175r 1059 p118
Hoorn 1064 f197r f198r 1067/8 f251v
Jager, de (yacht) 1064 f197r
Maan 1058 f68v (note 6) f70v 1059 p118 1067/8 f250v f251v
Maan, de Oude 1068 f252v
Mauritius (note 5) 1056b f175r f175v 1058 f68r f69r f70v 1064 f198r
Middelburg 1059 p118 p120 p121 p122
(Morgen)Sterre (yacht) (note 6) 1058 f68v
Nassou (yacht) 1056b f175r 1058 f68r f69r p130 1063 f53r 1067 f178r
Neptunis (yacht) 1058res f145r 1059 p119 p120
Nieuw Bantam (note 7) 1066 f358r 1067 f247r 1068 f252r f252v
Nieuw Zeeland (note 8) 1059 p118
Oud Zeeland (note 9) 1058 f69r
(Geunieerde) Provincien (note 2) 1059 f296r Rotterdam 1059 f296v 1063 f54r
(Morgen)Sterre (note 10) (yacht) 1064 f197r 1067 f247r
Trouwe, de *** 1064 f197r 1067 f247v
Trouwe Sterre *** 1067 f247r
Vlissingen 1059 f296v 1067 f247r 1067/8 f250v
Vossche Renier 1064 f198r 1067 f247r
Walcheren 1059 f296v
Wapen van Amsterdam * (note 11) 1059 f296v 1067 f247r 1067/8 f250v f183r
Witte Beer (yacht)1058 f68r 1059 f296v
Witte Leeuw (note 12) 1057 f42r
Zon 1058 f68v (note 6) 1059 p118 p120
Zwaan / Swan 1067 f247r f247v
Zwarte Beer (yacht) 1058 f68r
Zwarte Leeuw 1059 f296v

*) Amsterdam en Wapen van Amsterdam: may be the same ship
**) Delft, Engel van Delft: may be the same ship
***) De Trouwe, De Trouwe Sterre: may be the same ship

1) Kleine Aeolus was, coming from Coromandel, foundered on the rocks of Engano Island on 25-08-1616 (source: Dutch-Asian Shipping)
2) the Banda & the (Geuineerde) Provincien wrecked on a reef near Mauritius on march 6, 1615 during a hurrincane on their homeward voyage;
the latter with the first governor-general of the VOC, Pieter Both (also born in Amersfoort), aboard
3) the ship Banda mentioned in ara 1057 was in fact the VOC-ship Bantam that ran ashore, sailing through the Amelander Gat and was lost on september 30, 1613
4) Steven van der Haghen returned with this ship from Jacatra to the Netherlands, oktober 1619 - june 1620
5) Van der Haghen traveled on this ship from Texel to West-Java from july 1613 until october 1614
together with the (Wapen van) Amsterdam, the Hollandia and the yacht Nassau
on dec.24, 1614 these ships continued their voyage: Ambon, Banda, Ternate were visited before returning to Bantam around oct. 1615
on jan. 15, 1616 the Mauritius started her voyage back and arrived already on sept. 27, 1616 in Zeeland
6) Zon, Maan and Morgensterre, from the first voyage of Steven van der Haghen to Ambon, during the years 1599 to 1601
7) Van der Haghen sailed on the Nieuw Bantam from Banda to Bacan via Ambon, july 7 - 24, 1618
8) Van der Haghen sailed on the Nieuw Zeeland during the battle off Malacca and the visit to the king of Johor, nov. 1615 - march 1616
he probably sailed with her to Ternate via Ambon for the election of the new governor-general, which took place on june 19, 1616;
the Nieuw Zeeland sailed on dec. 13 or 14, 1616 with the fleet of Joris van Spilbergen to the Netherlands, where they arrived june 30 or july 1st 1617
9) according to letter of J.P. Coen (10 Oct. 1616, Colenbrand p.197) the Oud Zeeland was worn out and her guns, munition and other things taken ashore on Pulau Ay
10) Van der Haghen sailed on this ship from Ternate to Ambon (castle) via Cambello, Louhon and Hitto, 0ct.23, 1616 - jan. 4,1617
11) Van der Haghen sailed on march 24, 1618 on the Wapen van Amsterdam from Ambon to Banda, together with governor-general Reael, and took part
in the preparation of military actions against Pulau Ron (impossible due to weather conditions) and Banda Lonthor (june 4, 1618);
on july 7th, 1618 he changed to the Nieuw Bantam (see note 7)
12) the Witte Leeuw was lost in the St. James Bay, the island of St. Helena, on june 13, 1613 after a battle with a Portuguese carack
part of the crew was taken by the Bantam (!) and the Vlissingen, both in the list above

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